Cella Rose

Co-Founder & CEO

Cella’s dream for a better world began with tragedy. When her husband, Paul, was diagnosed with cancer, cannabis became a major part of his curative and relief regiment. But even sick, Paul was never one to sit still. He and Cella began growing CBD hemp plants in their own greenhouse. Deeply involved with both his community and its politics, Paul and Cella had a dream to start an integrated cannabis company that could bring relief to others. They were able to rent a facility and open an extraction and analytical lab.

However, after being in remission for over a year, Paul’s cancer returned with a vengeance. He passed away before the lab was operational. But his dream remained, and ever since, Cella has been devoted to making it come true. 

With the help of their daughters, Paul’s parents, and their amazing team, Cella carries Paul’s legacy forward by emulating his generosity of spirit, brilliant ideas, and integrity. Her goal is to craft a business model that will make the world a better place: for her community, for everyone involved in the production process (farmers, distributors, employees, clients, customers and more).

 Joshua Singer

Business Development Representative

Josh is the Business Development Representative for X-Tract Vermont, Rosie’s Confections, and Be-Leaf Terps and Co. He first learned about CBD during his undergraduate experience at Hampshire College where he learned about the medicinal benefits of CBD and began to question why hemp and hemp products such as CBD have remained illegal for decades. After legalization of CBD in his area, Josh learned that CBD helped him to manage his anxiety and muscle pain issues in a way that was less harmful to his body and easier to consume than the daily ibuprofen regimen that had been prescribed by his doctors.

Josh has found a routine for himself of using CBD as a supplement to traditional medicines for anxiety and chronic pain, and enjoys sharing with others the ways that CBD products can help them manage chronic physical and mental illnesses. He hopes that X-tract Vermont can become the face of direct processing for farmers in Vermont and the surrounding areas. He prides himself in being a part of a business model that is beneficial to farmers and clients alike, without any part of the supply chain being taken advantage of.

When he’s not working on sales, he can be found working part time as a contractor doing renovations on apartments and houses, as well as hiking in the mountains and road biking. 

Grayson Glosser

Chief Scientific Officer

Born and raised in Vermont, Grayson has always had a profound love for chemistry as both a science and a tool. He received his Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the University of Vermont.

While there, Grayson focused on organic chemistry and material science, working on organic semiconductor synthesis for optoelectronic, organic photovoltaic, & organic LEDs. But extreme insomnia threatened to derail his entire life. He avoided narcotic sleep aids, not wanting to trade a lack of sleep for an addiction. Looking for a scientific solution led Grayson to discover how helpful CBD has been for many insomniacs.

When Grayson began looking for a job after college, he wanted to pair his love of science with an organization that values bettering the local community. Finding X-Tract Vermont brought those two loves together. Like the rest of X-Tract Vermont, Grayson has a great love for the outdoors and enjoys hiking as often as the weather permits. For those days when outside travel is not favorable, he can be found playing his French horn.

Emma Rose

Chief Creative Officer

Back in 2018, Emma journeyed into the new and exciting cannabis industry with her father and mentor, Paul Rose. Together they built the foundation for an amazing family run & vertically integrated business that would grow, process, and transform the highest quality hemp into medicine for those in need.

Having lived in Vermont for most of her life, Emma deeply values healthy eating and sustainability. She see a great need for more quality in the food and hemp industries, as too often products are filled with additives and preservatives that should never be put in your body. 

Today, Emma owns her own chocolate company, Rosie’s Confections, which features a CBD-infused line of products. She is heavily involved in the startup phase of X-Tract Vermont, lending her marketing knowledge and spare time to help build a company rich with values that produces all the CBD oils she uses to infuse her candies and chocolates.

Leo Richardson

Writer in Residence & Content Creator

Leo handles public relations for X-Tract Vermont, Be-Leaf and Terps Co. and Rosie’s Confections. He also works to help produce traditional and social media content for X-Tract Vermont and Be-Leaf and Terps Co. He became involved in CBD through his personal experiences using it to manage chronic illness as well as through courses offered through the Castleton University Cannabis Certificate program.

CBD has provided Leo a way to manage chronic illnesses without losing mental clarity, and he is a proponent of Cannabis as a tool to bring non-pharmaceutical wellness to people. His favorite experiences working in CBD have been meeting people who believe in the ability of the Cannabis industry to bring wellness to individuals as well as support local communities in a positive way.

Leo hopes that these companies will provide valuable products to individuals, as well as providing examples of ethical and sustainable business practices within Vermont and across the country. When he’s not working, Leo can often be found working on his acrylic, watercolor, and oil paintings as well as his backyard garden. 

Gary Chouinard

Facility Manager and Extraction Technician

Gary is always thinking about other people’s wellbeing, and being the facility manager is a perfect position for him. From repairs and cleaning to offering to serve coffee, Gary will do what it takes to ensure everyone is happy and safe.

After gaining experience in industrial work, landscaping, and construction; he is thrilled to be part of a team of passionate people striving to make a difference in the world. Running the extraction equipment and developing the finest products on the market is a new and exciting endeavor he takes on with pride.

When Gary is not in the lab, he is riding his Harley-Davidson with his beautiful wife or playing guitar with his group of friends up in Quebec.

Emma Giflix

Artist in Residence & Community Manager

Emma serves as the in-house illustrator and digital designer for Rosie’s Confections as well as managing Rosie’s community engagement. She first became involved with CBD through topical solutions, but became more familiar with the use of cannabis strains that are grown specifically for high CBD and low THC in 2019.

One of her favorite experiences working with CBD is learning about the endocannabinoid system and how it functions. Emma hopes that Rosie’s can continue to grow and help to shed light on the benefits and significance of CBD and that the company can work towards helping to end the stigma against the Cannabis plant.

When she isn’t working on graphic design or community engagement with us, Emma can be found working on her personal creative pursuits such as silk screen and block printing, copper/metal work for jewelry making, and textile works. 

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