We use ethanol extraction to make concentrates more accessible on a large scale using food grade ethanol to ensure any extract is safe at every step; many extractors will use denatured ethanol which has additives (heptane or methanol) to save on the upfront cost of ethanol. We go though the effort of reclaiming and refining our ethanol to keep costs low and safety high.


Small batch processing is available (as little as 100 lbs) if you just want to dip your toe in the water. If you like our services and decide you want more, the per pound cost goes down and the previously processed hemp is prorated!


A glass beaker full of red-orange tinted CBD oil with 250ml markings visibile

If you already sell retail products, we can process formulations into your desired medium and vessel (one that fits your packing machine, for example). Glycerin or alcohol tinctures, water-soluble CBD; however you formulate, we will make it.


Tired of packing all day? We can take care of that too! Send us your packaging with your starting material and we’ll take care of the rest. We also offer analytical testing at cost if you want us to handle the logistics.


Mix & match to fit your unique projects: all of our services can be requested and used separately or together.